Modem Manager w/ SIM7600E

I am having difficulty getting my SIM7600 modem to connect when following the instructions on the page. mmcli is recognizing it, however nmcli is not. Additionally, i added a ‘cellular’ file to the system-connections/ directory, however after flashing the device it does not show up on the HostOS. Additionally, I am only seeing a /flash-boot/system-connections/ directory when I mount the flash SD - perhaps I am misinterpreting the instructions?

Here is a screenshot of the above information:

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Additional information: every time I try to change the contents of the resin-sample.ignore file in the /system-connections/ directory and rename it, it just reverts back to a .ignore file when I flash a device. It is like my changes are not persistant

Hey, the issues you’re seeing with modifications not being on the final flashed device are because the flasher images are a miminal balenaOS that just boots and flashes its included .img to the internal storage which would be unaffected by any modification you make. I’m checking with the team what the correct way to do this for flasher images is

_Page, thank you for the help! Looking forward to hearing back.

Hi. What does “mmcli -m 0” report?