modem found but no internet connection

i have issues with my internet connection via the quectel ec-25e modem.
mmcli -m -0
shows that my modem is somehow connected to the mobile network:

But there is no internet connection to connect to the balena cloud. When i type
nmcli dev status
i get:
What is wrong with my connection? Why is my modem marked as disconnected? Why does it not connect on start up?

Hello Thomas,

Can you confirm that you have correctly setup the modem with its settings such as apn and username/password as required in a connection file ?
You can find the relevant docs here


Hello rahul,

thank you for your question which lead me to a problem with the connection file.
If i connect the fin to my pc(window 10) via usb, i can see and open the connection file which i called “cellular”. Like in the docu (
When i connect the fin to balena cloud via ethernet and open the file system via the terminal i can’t see the file anymore.

Do you know what is happening?

Hi there, since /resin-boot is a copy of the boot files that end up in the boot partition and the real currently running boot files are in /mnt/boot , could you please check if the file is available in / mnt / boot / system-connections?

Hi, yes the file is available (i named the file “mycon.ignore”):

Hi again,
i found out that my apn in the connection file was wrong :grin:
Now everything is working well.
Thanks and Greetings, Thomas

Nice ! Good it works for you now…