Micro SD card size - Balena build & custom build


We have a Raspberry CM4 based product. When we download 2.94.4-Rev1, flash it on the 64 GB sd card and boot from it, the storage shows up around 54 GB.

But if we do the same by building an image using this instructions balenaOS - Docs

Everything works fine - except the SD card size is limited to 8 GB and the stoage shows up around 6.3 GB. Not sure where to configure this in the yocto configuration.


Hi, welcome to the forums. When you say you build the image using the instructions at balenaOS - Docs, are you building the same 2.94.4-Rev1 tag?
The images deployed and the images you build should behave in the same way if they are built from the same tag. The data partition is actually expanded in the initramfs so you could try adding a “shell” argument to the kernel command line in the bootloader and debug the expansion.