Metadata for the resin OData api

Is there an OData schema available for the api? Something like an edmx, $metadata link, etc?


the API is documented here:
So you can see the available resources that you can request.
Is there a specific resource that you would like more info?

Hi @izavits - I’ve been using that documentation to get started, but that document only describes the request, not the response. It would be helpful to know the data types returned for the objects (e.g. the “build” and “device” properties of the devices returned from

I’m trying to build a fully functional client layer, but it’s challenging because I would have to get my application / devices into a specific state to see the values of these properties that are currently null.

Does the resin api expose any kind of discovery endpoint?



we currently don’t expose the metadata (or any introspection) endpoint in our API.

On the upside, this information is consistent across different calls to the API, what I mean is that the same data type that represents devices in returned from /device(<ID>) will be used in every other occasion where you get back a device from the API