Internal server error when GET


resin api -$filter=… - when “$filter” (%24filter) is used (according to api documentation) , resin api returns a 500 Internal Server error.


Hi, I think in your case the issue was the wrong format of the device ID that you filter by. In the API calls, the Device ID is the decimal numeric format, eg from the device URL in the format of or using the API. Also need the the bearer token from your dashboard. Also make sure that URL encoding/decoding is not applied at the destination URL prematurely (e.g. \$ stays that way, doesn’t get encoded)

DEVICEID=<decimal ID>
TOKEN=<token from the dashboard>
curl "\$filter=device%20eq%20${DEVICEID}"  \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}"

See the API docs for more details.

The API needs some more user-friendly tools and docs, probably, so any other feedback is appreciated!