meta-balena zeus support


Is zeus supported for meta-balena? The README on master branch only lists up to the Thud release. But then I see there is a meta-balena-warrior layer, but not one for meta-balena-zeus.

I then found this issue, but it’s been closed with a comment about being outdated.


Hey Daryl, we support up to dunfell in balenaOS now, so we actually skipped zeus entirely. Is there something specific you need in zeus that is not available in dunfell?

Hi, thanks for quick response. We have an IMX8QM based board with a Yocto zeus build. I am investigating the feasibility of using balena for container management.

Unfortunately, NXP jumped from zeus to gatesgarth for their BSP, even though dunfell is LTS. Zeus is using the 5.4 kernel which has a projected EOL of 12/2025, while gatesgarth is 5.10 which is 12/2022. Which is one reason we’re currently on zeus.

Taking a step back - I’m trying to identify options for using balena in our product. I see some IMX8 based platforms under supported devices, but not the IMX8QM. Which is why I started looking at meta-balena. Am I correct in assuming that meta-balena is the only option at this point? Or is there any ongoing work in supporting an IMX8QM based board?


Are you able to share which board you are using exactly @daryln? The QM is the QuadMax, correct? Thinking about a path forward, you might be able to use the 5.4 kernel in conjunction with Dunfell, but of course you’d want to test. For the most part though, the Yocto version and the kernel version itself can be treated independently. Hope that helps, thanks.