Make Device Blink only affects one of 4 printers

I have 4 Raspberry Pi 3s set up under one application. I was trying to figure out which Pi was which to name them but I found a weird issue. When I go into Pi #1’s dashboard and try to make it blink, the physical Pi #1 blinks. Pi #2 also makes the physical Pi #1 blink and so on. It seems like only Pi #1 is receiving the signals.

Did I set up the Raspberry Pi’s incorrectly? Is it because they’re all hooked up to Ethernet cords with the same IP address?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @cqbuildit welcome to the forums!

Are you saying that you’ve got multiple Pis on the same LAN with the same IP address? If so that’s almost certainly the cause of the issues you’re seeing - all devices on a LAN should have a unique IP address. If that’s not what you meant could you enable support access for your application and share the URL here so that we can take a look?

Hi @chrisys,

So on the dashboard it shows that each Pi does have unique IP addresses but they are all connected to the same LAN. I just granted support access but which URL do you need?

Hi there, we’ll need the dashboard URL for the application or one of the devices in that application; the one that begins

Hi there @cqbuildit,

Would you mind please granting support access for those devices as well, such that we can take a closer look?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @xginn8,
I have it granted for 3 hours, please let me know if you need it for longer!

Just to clarify: when you press the blink button on any of these 4 devices, only actualprinter2 blinks?

Yes! And when i unplug actualprinter2, none of them blink

I just tried sshing to both actualprinter2 and printer2.
I looked at the resin-supervisor logs with journalctl -u resin-supervisor -a -f on both devices.
Then I pressed on the blink button on printer2 device page on the dashboard.
Only printer2 received a blink signal: Sep 24 16:19:36 0fcbbde resin-supervisor[3075]: [event] Event: Device blink {}.

So it seems to work as expected.
Can you please click on the blink button of printer2 (I’m still watching the logs) just to be sure?

It seems like actualprinter2 just went offline.

Sorry, I just realized that the power cables weren’t plugged in correctly. It should be online now.

And it looks like it’s working correctly now. I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before. Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: