Make an application public


I am the happy creator of an app. I want to share it with my friends, and with the world. The application can be (will be) deployable to any raspberry-pi (or other) and the configuration will be done by a remote browser. So no need for those people to hack into the code.

Is it possible to “publish” my app so that a new user could use it?

I was thinking about any new user to be able to:

  • create an account
  • configure its raspberry pi
  • search and find an existing application
  • install it on its raspberry pi

Is it possible?

Hi @jehon ,

We are glad the platform makes you happy! :slight_smile:

Although we do investigate the best ways to share/publish application, it’s not a functionality we support at the moment.
Probably the best way to share for now is publishing your app on GitHub (or other similar service) and let other users connect it into their docker-compose files vis git submodules, for example.
Or you could also publish docker images to DockerHub, so that others can use it in docker-compose (similar how you would add postgress or redis service to your application).

Hope it helps.

None of those is possible for non-IT people…

Yep, completely agree, and I said, we are actively looking into different variants how to get this process to the next level.
But we don’t have any specific timeline on when this functionality will be available.

For now, we are trying to lower the entrance barrier with good tutorials like here