Looking for a 3g dongle

Hey all!

I’m looking for a 3g dongle that will work with resinOS 2.0.

Preferably, the dongle should support 3g bands in all countries, but the main priority is US.

Does anyone have any recommendations of dongles they’ve used in the past with resin? The device is an RPi 3.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @prash, we’ll be adding more info to the documentation, but in this github issue you can find a list of currently tested 3G modems:

There’s also Soracom’s example that we’ve used at the London Hackathon very well recently, i think with Huawei MS2131 dongle. Here’s a demo project, and more info will come shortly:

Let us know if you try any of these and what’s your experience!

Thanks @imrehg

None of those listed see suitable for our needs – have just ordered the Huawei E3533.

Anyone have any experience with this + resin?

Will report back.

@prash in general most of the dongles listed in ModemManager’s device support should work out of the box. The main problem I have seen with some modems is that they aren’t autodetected by usb_modeswitch, which means resinOS doesn’t know how to switch the modem from storage media mode to modem mode.

Out of interest what kind of requirements does your project have on the modem?

Can confirm the Huawei E3533 works! (resinOS 2.0 and Debian Jessie RPi 3).

@shaunmulligan The requirements were around physical size and supported frequencies/bands.

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@prash thats great news! I’ll add it to our list :slight_smile:

Hi @prash, does the E3533 appear as another ethernet interface under jessie? Any drivers pointers I need to look at?

Yep, emulates Ethernet. Worked plug n play, no need for any other drivers or anything