Network interface bonding under ResinOS 2.0


Hey guys,

Does anyone already have experience with network bonding under ResinOS 2.0?

Some of my devices are on sketchy internet connections, so there I would like to install a 3g-modem (usb dongle) as a BACKUP. Now I noticed that ResinOS 2.0 does this almost perfectly, because if I have both LAN and 3g enabled, the LAN connection has higher priority in the routing table and will therefore get all the traffic.
Also when the LAN is unplugged, the 3g connection takes over without a problem.

But in many of the RealLife cases the LAN connection is not actually unplugged, but it is the MODEM (behind the router) that is giving trouble. The LAN keeps being connected to the router still has a gateway address. Therefore the RasPi will still give priority to the LAN connection, resulting in an unreachable RasPi.

I think this might be solved by bonding the LAN & 3g connections. Any experience with this?

All help greatly appreciated.

Gr, Frans


@FransvanHoogstraten, in general anything you can do with network manager should be possible in resinOS.

I had a quick google and it is supported so I suggest grabbing a dev image and giving it a try - I thought that this link looked the most promising, under the “Configuring bonded interface” section.


Ok, good to hear that it should be possible.

In the blogpost they configure NetworkManager with the “nmcli” command. I can’t imagine I am able to control the ResinOS NetworkManager from within my container right? I think I should do it via configuration files in the /system-connections folder on the SD?


yeah or via dbus from the user container, there are a couple of libraries I have used previously that allow you to do that:


Thanks Joe!


hey @FransvanHoogstraten

Did you manage to get this working?


Hi @joe not yet!

Struggling with busy agenda, so for now I am just switching devices with sketchy wired (LAN) connection over to 3g-modem without bonding.

It is still high on my prio list tho, so will def pick it up!


Cool, I am attempting this myself at the moment so I will make sure to let you know once I get it working.