Local Push Only 1 Service


I’ve got a multi-container project, where I have one redis container which is pulled directly from docker, and one which we have built. I was wondering if there is anyway to skip/speed up the push for the redis container when it’s unchanged and I am pushing on local mode?

I’ve seen the recommendation before to move a device to a separate application and push to that one, but that seems like a large requirement for a device which I sometimes want to share the main applications build and sometimes run it’s own?


Hi Spencer, sorry for the delayed reply here. I don’t think it can be done when using a balena push, but, you might be able to control for it successfully with the balena build command and perform the steps locally. With the build command, I see you can do a --cache-from, which may allow you to bring down a local copy and speed things up. You can find that info here: balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation

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