Local-mode push a pre-built image?


Everyone at our little startup is an avid user of BalenaOS’s local mode for development, so we frequently find ourselves running balena push <ip address> to update our development devices.

Our devices are Raspberry Pi 3B+, not the fastest computer in the world. Building our Dockerfile takes them about 3 times as long as it does on my laptop by running balena build, and by now our image takes quite a while to build, especially when for some reason the caches don’t apply.

I can use balena build to cross-build for a Pi3 from my Mac. Is there some way to push the resulting image to my local-mode device, allowing it to skip doing the build process itself?

Hi, balena deploy seems what you need. See docs: https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/cli/#deploy-appname-image

From my reading, that deploys the image to an entire application. Is there also a way to push the image to just a single device?

There is no direct way to push to a single device a pre-built image. We recommend you move this device to a new application and pushing there.

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