How to speed up development time

So I have a multi-container application running Redis and Node in separate containers. Even on making a small change in the code, I have to go through the entire cycle of committing and pushing the code to balena master which usually takes between 10-25min and it slows the development process and makes debugging very diffcult. So how do I speed up this proccess?

Hey there, to speed up your development, I suggest to work with local development, this way the container will be built inside your system and the code updates will be much faster.

You will find everything you need here:

Anything let us know, we are here to help! :wink:

@dansku I have a multi-container application and it says in the documentation that it doesn’t balena local push won’t work for multi-container application and the alternative I am not able to figure out (

@dansku Okay I am able to push multi-container apps to local mode, but when I make any changes to the app, how do I make it reflect in the local mode. Also how to view logs?

Great job setting everything up!

You can edit the code in your computer, then when you decide to update it, instead of using balena push appName you will use balena local push IP -s . from within the folder containing the code.

To check the logs you can use balena local logs IP

You can check the balena-cli documentation at for more detailed information.

@dansku I get that. What you’re referring to is for single container applications. I am asking for multi-container applications. The way I am pushing that now is DOCKER_API_VERSION=1.22 DOCKER_HOST=tcp://resin.local:2375 docker-compose up from my working directory. But what I am asking is if I make any changes to my application, how do I push my changes in local mode without making it build again (MULTI-CONTAINER)?