Local network control and update support


We’re working on farms with fairly poor data connections to the internet, at least from the resin dashboard perspective. Sometimes everything works fine. Other times I can see that a device is online but can’t shut it down or get updates to the log.

However, we physically visit the farms to get data from external drives, repair and examine our hardware to se how it is holding up, etc. We are therefore able to connect to the devices on the local network. However the resin dashboard doesn’t support that. are there ways with the new openBalena to make those “dashboard” like connections to control the devices, perform updates, shut them down, etc.?


Interesting use case. OpenBalena can easily be deployed on a laptop or a NUC and carry it with you on the field and potentially manage any devices provisioned against it. You could pre-build and deploy your application with the CLI somewhere with Internet connectivity (so that you can pull in dependencies of your code), take the laptop with you, connect it to the network where your devices are and they will automatically update the moment your laptop and the openBalena instance is visible on the local network.

Right now, I believe you’ll hit a wall with the single outbound request the openBalena API does to discover supported devices types, but that is a limitation we’re actively working to remove.


Thank you. We are also looking into cellular hotspots for the online monitoring and adjustments to our configurations.