Use balenaOS in local mode without internet

I’m using balenaOS in some robotic projects, so far I’m doing all my work inside my lab with internet connection. However, now I need to perform some tests in the field, is it possible to use balenaOS without an internet connection?

Lets say that I fix some bugs and want to push new images to the robot(considering that to build the images internet is not required)

Hey, assuming that you don’t need to download absolutely anything when building, this should be fine. Note that you’ll need to be able to access the device over a LAN to use local mode.

But is it possible to connect the board directly with a laptop? without a LAN? fix an ip or something like that?

I guess you could open an AP on your laptop, or connect via ethernet and run a dhcp server, but I’m not aware of anybody trying this. We’d love to hear the results!

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I will give it a try and as soon as I try it I will post here the results.

Thank you for your answer!