Lm-sensors or other way to monitor cpu, board temperatures

Does anyone have experience setting up the lm-sensors, or a different package, to monitor the cpu and board temperatures? We’re going to be putting our devices into enclosures while the initial tests are looking good I do want to be able to monitor the CPU and board temperature sensors.

My selection of lm-sensors is purely google based. It looks like there is a setup stage where it asks a bunch of questions and I haven’t looked into how to make that non-interactive (compatible with docker and resin images).

Hi @jason10

What board are you trying to monitor temperatures on? It seems like you can disable the interactive behavior of lm-sensors by running sensors-detect --auto (Arch wiki reference).

Netdata and telegraf are also popular monitoring stacks, the former auto-detecting everything and the latter well-suited for arbitrary manipulation and visualization.

I hope this helps you!

Hi Jason,

I have just released a balena project that monitors the system resources:

It is currently not monitoring the CPU temperature but I don’t think it is hard to extend it so that the telegraf container is also monitoring the CPU temperature. I think that following repository might help with this extension: https://github.com/TheMickeyMike/raspberrypi-temperature-telegraf

Following link even speaks about collecting lm-sensors metrics by telegraf: https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/tree/master/plugins/inputs/sensors