List of packages in a Host OS version

How/Where do I find the list of packages, and their specific versions, for the Host OS on the Jetson TX2. I need to know which version of the Nvidia drivers are installed on the Host OS, so I can choose the correct version of JetPack and the CUDA Toolkit.

Hello, to check which version of L4T is used in any BalenaOS release for any device, one can navigate to , select the Device Type and OS release and then, in the manifest list, search for “-l4t”. The L4T version will be present in the kernel version, for instance “kernel-4.9.253-l4t-r32.6”. You could also type uname -a in the HostOS to see the L4T version.

Sorry to revive an old thread. The page at seems to be mostly broken. For most devices, especially Pi4, I get

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'release.release_tag[0].tag_key')

Specifically I’d like to know what version of bluez is installed (in balenaOS 2.103.0).