Linux version balena-cli does nothing in windows subsystems for linux



I have tried both the standalone installation as well as the npm installation, and upon running either of these things, no matter what options I try to pass in, it just prints null and exits.

I am running on the windows subsystem for linux bash terminal, which should just be a ubuntu instance as far as a program like this is concerned.
Is there a particular hardware requirement that it needs access to in order to function properly? Has anyone else encountered this?


Running with sudo makes it work… is this strictly necessary?


What commands are you running and exits with null? What CLI versions have you tried?


I am using 9.7.0, I tried with the standalone and the npm package.

All commands regardless of arguments simply print null when running without sudo.


@bathtubed can you please give the latest CLI version a go and file an issue on the project issue tracker if it persists?


I think it’s fixed now?

In trying to update with npm, it told me that I needed to run some chown command on ~/.config, which allowed me to update, but it also allowed me to run the cli without sudo BEFORE I updated, on 9.6.

To be honest, I have no idea what I did that caused it to start working without sudo.