K3s on top of BalenaOS

Hi all,
Is it possible to run a k3s ob top of BalenaOS? Docker compose is nice but for more complex scenarios not sufficient. Has someone experience with that?

Hi @Faltus.
We have users running openBalena stack on Kubernetes (you can take a look at this post) but I am not aware of someone who runs a k3s on top of openBalena.

It might be possible it’ll work, and we highly encourage you to try and let us know how it works for you.


hi @Faltus - did you have any luck with this - I might give it a go as well :sunglasses:

@Faltus and @philT this is something I have also thought about playing around with. @Faltus can you expand a bit more on the complex scenarios you are looking at. Would love to know more about what kinda of features or functionality you feel are missing.

With docker compose I miss all features of Orchestration kubernetes provides like eg scalabity, blue green deplyments, rolling updates, backing up of data, operators, zero down time deplyments and many more