Jlink debug BGM111

Is there a way to connect to the BGM111 with my Jlink debugger? I need to get in there and write some code and its not obvious to me how the debugger interface is exposed.

Another related question: I looked and there is an ARTIK 020-AV2 installed. Is this just the BGM111 module by another name. Can I just assume it is a BGM111 for development? Thanks.


I found this on the schematic. Looks like if SEL_SWD is low, I could connect a debugger to the test points? Can you point out where the test points are on the board? Or if there is a handy connector somewhere that I did not see? Thanks.

Hi @chetferry ! what you see in the schematics is the interface exposed by the BGM111 to the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. This is the primary way of flashing and debugging as the bgm111 mostly serves as a co-processor and the balenaFin is targeted to fleet owners that need to perform remote deployments/updates, even on the co-processor.

There is a way to connect directly to the co-processor, via the bottom side testpoints (at the right of the compute module having the HAT pins facing downwards) labeled SWD,SWC,RST,3C3O (you can hook to GND via the ground probe close to the USB port)

@chetferry on your other question, you can safely assume BGM-111 for development purposes. Here’s a basic example to compile your code outside of Simplicity Studio if you’re interested.

OK, I see the test points, thanks for pointing those out. Also thanks for the clarity on the BGM111.

For anyone else looking for the test points, here is a picture.