BGM111 Default Code


Does the BGM111 on the Balena Fin (v1.1) come pre-programmed with any code, or does it need to be programmed before we can communicate serially with it? If it is pre-programmed, what code is it running (NCP image, standalone bootloader, etc)? Are there any basic command strings we can send to it that it should respond to?

Hi there, this forum post might be of some use:

Yea, I think I’ve read most of the BGM111 forum posts. My question is specifically about what code is on the BGM111, out-of-the-box. Is it programmed with any working bootloader code, NCP image, or any other code, or is it completely unprogrammed? I’ve tried some light serial communication testing, but both RXD and TXD are low continuously, so it almost seems like the BGM is not programmed at all. I confirmed the reset pin is high, so I’m not sure why TXD/RXD are always low (0V).

Hi @dstewart, the Fin 1.1.1 does in fact come pre-programmed with this firmware:

Look close at the silksceen on your board though, as a 1.1.0 did not leave the factory pre-flashed, and that might be the board you have in your hands.

If that is the case, yes, you will need to write the firmware to the coprocessor prior to making use of it.