Jetson Nano - PWM output


I would like to ask if anyone tried to control PWM output using Jetson.GPIO python library or using another way. I am having trouble to control PWM trigger on my camera SONY A6000.

Thanks :wink:

What did you try so far ? What issues did you encounter ?

First I install balenaOS on jetsonNano. I run single container that had Python3 and Jetson.GPIO library installed. As it is described in repositories README, pwm should be available on 33 (Board numbering), so I pluged IR trigger on pin 33. Using sample code I was not able to get any pwm signal. I check it using oscilloscope. I read that pinmux should be somehow configured, but I couldn’t found how. I also found sample code in where these lines should make it working, but I was not able to install busybox:

    # Pre-test configuration, if boot-time pinmux doesn't set up PWM pins:
    # Set BOARD pin 32 as mux function PWM (set bits 1:0 to 1 not 3):
    # sudo busybox devmem 0x700031fc 32 0x45
    # Set BOARD pin 32 as SFIO (clear bit 0):
    # sudo busybox devmem 0x6000d504 32 0x2
    # Board mode pins

Is there other way to configure pinmux without busybox?

Between the official nvidia response on their forums and the Jetson.GPIO docs this topic seems fairly well covered. What prevented you from installing busybox? Are you able to get this working without balenaOS?

Ok so code that I published is working. Busybox was not possible to install using apt-get in debian image, so I build busybox from source. Now it works :wink: