Is there a list of base images for the Siemens IOT2040 available?

In the docs there is no mention of the Siemens IOT2040 baseimages, could you provide one? I’m currently working on staging environment.

Thank you, Bas

Hi Bas,

Have you tried to see if the Siemens IOT2000 (Beta) image works on the IOT2040?

Hi @chrischabot thank you for your suggestion. Running a c# app with debian:wheezy is working in multi-container. When I also want to run an already build standard docker-image with a docker pull from dockerhub what type of base image for IOT2000 is recommended? And would there be a seed project or best practice description available?

Great to hear you got that running.

As far as docker images go, these are the ones we directly support:

As they need to be able to build on various different / non x86 architectures, and have some custom tweaks, it’s a lot simpler to work of of those instead of generic dockerhub ones.

For using those to develop a project, our node.js guide is probably the most comprehensive:
Which includes this sample project:

And we also have an (pretty old but mostly functional) C# example project:

Thanks for putting us in the right direction on this @chrischabot. We are looking into the datacollector-edge app they did some pretty nice work on their datastreams software. There is a standard dockerimage available to run this software on an dockerinstance. Would this be easy to port to run on a resin instance on our IOT2040? And would there be some best practice or seed project available? Thank you, Bas

Hey @bas_thingshub – I haven’t used streamsets so this is a bit of experimental advice, however it should work.

If you look at their Docker image repo ( they have all the resources there for how to create your own image – You should be able to create an resin-alpine based Docker.template (the FROM section), and copy the rest from – don’t forget to add the rest of their files of course.

Once that’s done you can follow the getting started instructions on how to set it up for a git push to resin (see the deploying code section at – and see if that builds and deploys ok.

The gotcha might be that the IOT2040 uses an intel quark, which lacks the SIMD instruction sets – so running plain x86 binaries may or may not work.

If it does fail, you could try to build it from source instead, they have some instructions at – you could use the same alpine image, install all the required compiler and go packages – and build it from there

We will go for the last option and build it on the IOT2040. Thanks!