is public url static?

hi, i need a predictable, static URL where i will POST data to an express server from IoT devices. URL forwarding for POST does not seem to work, so i’m stuck with hardcoding a using a randomly generated URL. what is the likelihood that this URL will change? if that happens, i’ll have to reprovision hundreds of devices.


As far as I can tell, the public device URL shouldn’t change. It is associated with the device’s UUID (unique ID), which should only change if the device is removed and re-added to your application in the balenaCloud.

In my experience, none of my public device URLs have changed.

Hey there, I just wanted to confirm what wwalker said is accurate, as long as you don’t reprovision the device, the URL will never change. Even if you wish to reflash the device, you can always copy the config.json file from the old to the new device, and that device should be recognized as the old one.

awesome. please close this issue (i don’t seem to have a way to do it).