Deploy Multiple Fleet into the Already registered Device

Hell Folks,

Nowadays, I’m working on balena cloud, it seems so beaftiful.
I have question at this point.
Let’s suppose that i have two fleet, i mean two application.
naturally, i have 2 release for each fleet.
i deployed one of them to mine device.
I flash sd card, and plug the device flush the internal mmc card and that device register to balena cloud and apllication is deployed to mine device.

i want to deploy other fleet to my device, but i couldn’t add my device to other fleet without re-flashing ?

How can i add my device to 2 fleet at the same time without ant re-flashing ?

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Hey @kageja thanks for your question and your compliments! :slight_smile:

It sounds like what you’re trying to do is run two apps on the same device (and hence the same fleet).

The fleet is used to group devices together, and a device can only be a member of one fleet at a time, so you can’t add one device to multiple fleets.

What you need to do if you want to run two apps (balenaSound and Pi-hole for example) on the same fleet, is merge the two projects by combining the docker-compose.yml files from each into a single one. We have a guide to help you to do that here: Two projects, one device: turn your Raspberry Pi into a multitool!

In the future we’ll be working on allowing this to be done natively from the dashboard, but for now this is how it’s done.

I hope this helps!

Just as an addition to my post above, it is however possible to move a device from one fleet to the other without flashing. This can be achieved with the Move device option under the actions menu on the device.

Although as I discovered yesterday the ‘move’ only worked within the same ‘organisation’. I discovered the ‘join’ option on the cli though that helped me: balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation

@Maggie that’s not expected behaviour, move should work between any two fleets where you as a user have access to add devices. This can mean that you’re an admin on both orgs, or you’ve been added as a developer to a fleet within another org for example. The fleet has to also support the device type that you’re moving. Let me know if it isn’t working in this way.

My mistake, looking at it again now it seems it does work between orgs. I was trying to get a local development device to join a fleet, and somewhere along the way of moving and swapping devices lost track of what was going where I guess.

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