Is it possible to disable the GRUB boot screen?

We are using a production balena image (intel-nuc). Is it possible to disable to GRUB boot screen? We don’t want to see it :wink:

Hello @daniel-crowe! Do you mean the Balena splash screen logo on startup? You should be able to use RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_disable_splash if thats the case. More info

Hi Mike,

Hmm, I’m referring to the GRUB boot menu. See attached screenshot.

Does the splash screen config item turn this off?

No, unfortunately disabling the splash screen does not disable the grub menu and we do not support disabling this menu. We are looking into implementing such an option.
We apologize if this is an inconvenience now.
Kind regards,

Hi, I did create an internal issue for your request and we will inform you if there will be any progress.


I would like to add my vote for this!
Any news on this since a year ago?

Any news since 1½ year ago?
I was hoping this was a quite simple feature to implement…