Is balenalib/armv7hf-python:3.8.3 still accessible?

My Dockerfile is using balenalib/armv7hf-python:3.8.3 as the base image. I tried building as part of a balena push today but it fails with the message:
failed to get destination image "sha256:8202c3f376a5fc6cf4b2cd41d950c399e4335b49ee7e3df64ca0f67fa0c0a700": image with reference sha256:8202c3f376a5fc6cf4b2cd41d950c399e4335b49ee7e3df64ca0f67fa0c0a700 was found but does not match the specified platform: wanted linux/arm/v7, actual: linux/amd64
Is it the image still available? I looked in the Base Image List but could not find it.

I have managed to reproduce this issue. We are currently looking into it

When do you expect to have this issue resolved? This is blocking releasing updates to our devices.

Hey there, our cloud builders were recently updated to a version of Docker that is more strict about matching target platforms to base images.

As you have discovered, many of our out-of-date base images were incorrectly labeled as linux/amd64 in their manifest, even when they were built for ARM devices. These older base images are also no longer getting security fixes otherwise they would have the correct manifest labels.

The solution in this case is use a more up-to-date base image. In your case I have confirmed that the balenalib/armv7hf-python:3.9.7 tags have the correct architecture in the manifest. Could you try updating your Dockerfile to use this tag?

@ronlevine I also shared a possible workaround here in case Kyle’s solution doesn’t work: Balena CLI suddenly fail: "The requested image's platform (linux/amd64) does not match the detected host platform" - #8 by chrisys