intermediate update

I am currently working on an application which I am planning to update over the next few years.
I am predicting a case where a device with little access to connectivity might require a massive update. This could result in a full disk and a failed update.
Is there a possibility to have automatic intermediate updates to specific releases instead of one massive update?

Hi there,
I don’t know if I understand correctly, but I think what the dashboard allows you to do may be a possible answer to your problem. You can pin the device to a specific release, this means that even if new releases are pushed, the device will not update until it is pinned to the new release. If, on the other hand, the device is on track latest then it will update with each release.
There are currently no ways to make this behaviour automatically intermediate via the dashboard, but it must be done manually. Otherwise there is the SDK option that allows you to write a function that decides how to manage the release pin (e.g. every 3 releases pin the device to the latest one).

Pin to release docs: Release policy - Balena Documentation
SDK method: Balena Node.js SDK - Balena Documentation

Does this answer help you with your problem?

thanks, the Balena SDK might be the solution.

for my case, tracking and pinning per device might be more usefull though device.pinToRelease