Balena update Strategy?


I was wondering How does Balena Update Strategy work?

By Strategy I mean I have a remote device and I have sent an update every month and that device hasn’t been connected to the internet for 3 months.

So I have a device which has 3 updates pending. And Now that device connects to the Internet.

In that case, How will the Update Strategy work for Balena?

Will all the 3 Updates install together at once on the End device or One by one update will be installed on that device?

Hey @Sharvin26

In the situation you present, only the last update (e.g. the third one you pushed) would be sent to the device. Ignoring the fact that you can pin a device to a certain release for a moment, when a device comes online, it asks the api which release it should be running. This release, according to the api, will always be the latest one pushed.

You cannot rely on every release being installed on every device, only that when a device is online it will start to download the latest release.

Okay Thanks for the Descriptive Answer. So by default the latest update will be installed ? And Suppose I have multiple devices in an Application and I want to give update to certain number of devices from that Application is it possible to do that?

Hey, yes something like that is possible. As Cameron briefly mentioned in the above reply: it is possible to pin devices to a certain release. This means that when a new update is available, only devices which are NOT pinned will be updated. All this can be done through the API, have a look at which explains all this in detail and contains all the scripts to perform these actions through the API.

Okay Thanks