Different update mechanism


I have a question about possible update mechanisms of balena applications

Is it possible to make update on user-based-input? Like clicking the button?

One way is to make update lock, and on click remove it but then it have to wait to poll update, am i right?

Second way is to pin devices to releases, then on button click send command to API, then this API contacts balena API to pin to latest release device that send this command, but it looks like workaround, but not a solution for me

Have a nice day


  • You can check for releases to a particular application by using the getLatest or the getAll APIs for an application.
  • Once you get that, you can use the pinToRelease API for devices.

This is close to the second approach that you have mentioned. Why do you think this feels like a workaround? Did you expect some other API? Would love to hear your thoughts on how else one would go about this

Hi! Thank you very much!

Basically in our case clients have lifetime acces to updates, so the perfect way for them is to manage the releases of their devices theirselves

So user click button -> get app releases -> user select release -> device pin itself to correct release and start update process
Without implementing any external API just to interract as “man in the middle”

In our case is even simplier:
Click button -> get latest app release -> dialog window with “Are you sure” -> pin his device to latest release and immediately start update process

Hi, thanks for letting us know. The steps you followed are actually the recommended procedure. Your end users can pin to a target release that you designate. At the same time, you can use the balena API to add text (notes) to your specific releases, which can inform your end-users of changes. More API information is available here:https://www.balena.io/docs/reference/api/overview/.