Intel Nuc in Virtual maschine


I m new in balena. I just installed the Intel NUC in a Vm with virtual box with the help of the link (but with enabled I/O APIC) .
The provision is happen successfully. I see my new device online in BalenaCloud.
But in the Virtual Machine when it start ask for login . I use my username and password of balenacloud but it says that the login is incorrect.
Does any knows what username and password should i use?



Are you using a development or production image? Development images spawn login over tty1. This is useful for debugging purposes. The username is root and the password should be empty.

Additionally you may use our CLI to ssh to the device, or you can access it through the dashboard as well.


Yes i use Development image. I use root as username and i logged in!
Thank you very much Zahari.


Awesome, great to hear that :slight_smile: