Intel 12th Gen Video Driver not available


I’m using the Intel NUC base image on a Asus NUC-BOX-1220P with a Adler Lake Intel i3-1220P CPU.
Unfortunately i only get a video output of 800x600px. After checking “dmesg” i can see the following error:

Your graphics device 46b3 is not properly supported by the driver in this kernel version. To force driver probe anyway, use i915.force_probe=46b3 module parameter or CONFIG_DRM_I915_FORCE_PROBE=46b3

It looks like it might be an issue with the kernel version?

The issue is only with newer Intel NUC devices as i also tested a NUC 13 Pro i3 (NUC13ANHi3), which did not work. But a older NUC 10 (NUC10i5FNHN1) works just fine.

This is my Dockerfile for context:


FROM balenalib/$BALENA_ARCH-debian:bullseye

# Install XORG
RUN install_packages xserver-xorg \
    xserver-xorg-input-evdev \
    xinit \
    xfce4 \
    xfce4-terminal \
    x11-xserver-utils \
    dbus-x11 \
    matchbox-keyboard \

# this removes the xfce4-panel pckg so we don't have a taskbar (panel) displayed 
RUN apt-get purge xfce4-panel

WORKDIR /opt/xserver

# this file is executed before xserver is started
COPY src/xinitrc /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc

COPY src/ src/ src/ VERSION /opt/xserver/

ENTRYPOINT  ["/bin/bash", "/opt/xserver/"]

    UDEV=on \
    # Avoid requesting XFCE4 question on X start

I would greatly appreciate any support on this, thanks!