Installing CEC Utils


Is there an easy guide out on installing CEC Utils (without building my own docker images ?)



Hi @dewitpj, have you seen this forum post?

My teammate explains how to install cec-utils on Raspberry Pi. Could you try that and see if it works?



Yes, but where do I add that and can I do an in place swap from balenaOS to Raspbian ?


Hi @dewitpj – the forum post talks about changing the Docker image you use to balenalib/rpi-raspbian; this would be in the Dockerfile for your application.

If you’re still running into problems, can you share the Dockerfile or docker-compose file you’re using, the steps you’re running, and any errors you’re seeing?

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Thanks for the reply - I think I should expand on what I am trying to do here. I am trying to add CEC to the balenasound “image” - It appears that I have now figured out how to do that to a degree.

I have added a directory called cec to the balenasound source and modified the docker-compose file to include this directory. I have added a simple Dockerfile.template to install the basic Raspbian docker along with cec-utils.

At the moment this “works” but it appears that something is grabbing the HDMI port. I suspect this will be the audio output, perhaps - more debugging I guess

Thanks !

Hi @dewitpj – glad to hear you’ve made progress with this. Adding CEC to the balena-sound repo sounds like a great feature. Keep us posted, and feel free to send in a pull request to the project!

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Only if I can get it to work :smiley:

At the moment it’s still getting stuck on the port being in use :frowning: