Install balena engine to Raspbian

I want to instal the balena-engine to raspbian os. I run the command :
curl -sfL | sh
After that is says Installation successful!
But when i try to run a simple command “balena-engine image ls” the response is :
Cannot connect to the balenaEngine daemon at unix:///var/run/balena-engine.sock. Is the balenaEngine daemon running?
After i try to enable or start with sudo systemctl start/enable but it says :
Unknown operation balena-engine.
Does anyone know how can i start running the balena-engine in raspbian os.?

This is expected as we do not package a service file to be used with systemd. But if you want to start the daemon up, all you have to do is run balena-engine-daemon. You can put this in a service if you want systemd to manage it. After this everything should work as expected.
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