Input Voltage Range and value


The datasheet located includes two different input voltages for the balenaFin. I just want to verify that both are correct and that there are no mistakes before designing a power system. Currently it lists the Phoenix connector as 6-30V and the Barrel connector as 6-24V; however, the same document also lists a maximum of 24V in the General Specifications table.

As my power supply will include the extra couple of volts to maintain a 24v SLA battery system, it is important to verify whether the balenaFin powered by the Phoenix connector can indeed handle up to 30V.

Secondly, is the value of the input voltage going into the balenaFin’s power module accessible in software anywhere? It’d be nice to be able to log it.


Hello arri,

There was indeed a typo on the Phoenix connector. The Fin certified voltage range is 6-24V for sustained power input. It has been now corrected and updated.
In case of lead acid batteries, since they exceed 24v temporarily, they will work with the current setup.

There is currently no support for software voltage readings. There are some available ADC HATS that can be used for that purpose.



Thanks, unfortunately I would not characterize the higher voltage as temporary. Since the battery will mostly be in a constant state of full charge, the voltage will be around 26V most of the time and only delve below 24V when the AC has been disconnected and the battery is discharged. For now I will place a DC converter on it to drop to 12V.

I’d recommend considering that for future iterations, much of the “industrial” 24V equipment is rated up to 30V.