BalenaFin power supply 24V

Hello to all,

i have a BalenaFin and i want to power it with 24V DC, is it possible via the Phoenix connector or in the fin there are 2 pins for the direct connection of the 24V?

Thank you so much

Hello, welcome to the balena Forum. With the balenaFin you can plug 24V into either the barrel or the Phoenix Connectors (but not both at once).

Thank you @mpous, i i don’t want to use the barrel or the Phoenix Connector there is another way to power the Fin?

Hi, unfortunately not, if you want to use 24V the barrel and the phoenix connectors are your only options.

Ok thank you @mtoman, with the 24V DC how many Amperes I have to give to the Fin?

You need to supply at least 12.5W which for 24V would be at least 0.52A.

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Hello @Enexservice,

Another way to power the balenaFin is through the 5V pin on the HAT header. Just keep in mind that it’s only 5V.


Hello @ntzovanis, thank for the tip, but unfortunately in the project where the Fin goes we have some difficult to have the 5V to power supply the Fin

Sorry if i re-open the topic, i see on the schematics (photo below) that is write max 3.5A. So if i have a current transformer with 1.5A max it’s ok to power the Fin or may I have some problems?


Hi, unless you are using peripherals that need more, you should be fine with max 1.5A.