inkyshot having trouble displaying quotes

i have it running the alternate mode changing between weather and qoute. it pulls the weather in fine and am happ with this but when it changes to quotes the logs read
17.02.21 11:05:46 (+0000) inkyshot ERROR:root:HTTPSConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /qod?category=inspire&language=en (Caused by NewConnectionError(’<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0xb3fc4610>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 110] Connection timed out’))
17.02.21 11:05:46 (+0000) inkyshot INFO:root:Message: Sorry folks, today’s quote has gone walkies :frowning:

i am new to this and this is my first rasb pi project so i have no idea what this means. all help welcomed

Hi there, looks like it can’t retrieve the quote for some reason? Could you try setting the quote to a different type by adding a device environment variable called QOD_CATEGORY, and setting its value to funny ? Thanks

I have changed it now, will update you after im also getting this error

17.02.21 12:55:13 (+0000) inkyshot INFO:root:Display type: InkyPHAT_SSD1608
17.02.21 12:55:13 (+0000) inkyshot INFO:root:Display dimensions: W 250 x H 122
17.02.21 12:55:16 (+0000) inkyshot Traceback (most recent call last):
17.02.21 12:55:16 (+0000) inkyshot File “/usr/app/”, line 348, in
17.02.21 12:55:16 (+0000) inkyshot message = data[‘contents’][‘quotes’][0][‘quote’]
17.02.21 12:55:16 (+0000) inkyshot KeyError: 'contents

Update; changed to funny and its giving that same error ^

Thank you

Hi there, I’ve tried manually accessing the API where inkyshot gets its quotes from (They Said So | Say it with style | Inspiring quotes, Quote of the day and more...) and it does return a quote. Have you tried poering the inky shot off and then on again and seeing if that helps?

i have and this fixes it. it seems to do this after a day or so though was wondering if its an internal issue as im making it as a gift im trying to work the bugs out

on a side note i was wondering if we could get the time added to the weather mode
and the ability to select all quote category’s rather than one.
id be willing to pay a little for it

Thank you

after a restart again now i get this everytime again

Hi there, I have set up my own inkyshot, using the instructions on the inkyshot github page (GitHub - balenalabs/inkyshot: Get a daily random inspirational quote delivered direct to your desk with Inkyshot. Build multiple Inkyshots and share the inspiration with your friends, family and loved ones ❤️), using the deploy with balena button. I’ve had it running for about 8 hours, and have not been able to reproduce the problem! Is this the same way you deployed yours?

As for the other features you suggested, it would be great if you could go to the github page and create an issue to request these features. Alternatively, its an open source project, so if you would like you can also make the modifications to the source code yourself, and then create a PR to the github repo to merge these changes into the master branch. This is a great way to learn and a lot of fun, so it’s something I would definitely recommend!

i flashed a new release and gave it to my s/o and it has been running fine although i checked the dash board this morning and it gave me the same error line. currently restarting. last time i think my issue was just the amount of variables i added and removed while figuring out how to use it.

just rechecked the log and that has fixed itself while i was writing this, as for the suggestions. im very new to this so maybe when i gain some skill we can keep updating it

I’ve had this same issue for quite a while (a few months?) - just now getting around to troubleshooting it. My issue is exactly the same as the undrezzerated’s. When I power cycle it, it appears to work for, perhaps, a day or two, then I get the same “Sorry folks, today’s quote has gone walkies :(” message and then it won’t recover without another reset.

For what it’s worth, I am using the waveshare screen, but otherwise honed closely to the instructions (i think i followed the youtube video closely…). Thanks for any help on this!