Inkyshot variables not working

Hi, I’m trying to get my Inkyshot display to vary between the quote and the weather at set intervals using the guide in the git hub repo however I can’t seem to get it working. Once I set the variable NEXT_DISPLAY + weather an ad the ALTERNATE_FREQUENCY variable the Inkyshot only displays the weather and does not go back to the quote. It’ll update the weather at the intervals set in the ALTERNATE_FREQUENCY but it won’t show the quote unless I get rid of both variables. Any thoughts?

Hi and welcome to the forums. I have tried that and you are right, this does look like a bug. I will notify my colleagues and will keep you updated.

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Hi @mat, thanks again for reporting this. I created a github issue to track this problem:

We will post an update as we address the issue.

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fast fix

  • default --> quote only.
  • ALTERNATE_FREQUENCY set --> switch between quote/weather
  • DISPLAY_QUOTE = 0 --> showing only weather

substitute the last block of code in after the comment
Alternate to other display code

if "DISPLAY_QUOTE" in os.environ and os.environ["DISPLAY_QUOTE"]=='0':
        os.environ["NEXT_DISPLAY"] = 'weather'
        if(NEXT_DISPLAY == 'quote' and "ALTERNATE_FREQUENCY" in os.environ): 
            os.environ["NEXT_DISPLAY"] = 'weather'
        else :
            os.environ["NEXT_DISPLAY"] = 'quote'