Industrial MIPI camera for Raspberry Pi

Hi all,

We have started with the development of our own embedded MIPI camera module for the Raspberry Pi with an industrial image sensor. Currently, we are in the specification phase and are interested in your preferences. The plan is to develop a product that fits the majority of people their requirements. Please fill out this short, 4 question poll. It would really help us out.

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A small update. Our poll will stay open till March 2019 because then the hardware design will start. Please help us with answering the poll (just 4 questions, so 1 minute of your time). We are now in the proof of concept phase and working towards a working proof of concept. We will keep you updated.

FYI, all our USB3 cameras do work on the USB2 port of the Raspberry Pi. See our article how to connect USB3 vision camera to Raspberry Pi