Improvements to Jetson TX1 "add new device" instructions

Just created a new Jetson TX1 device and install balena on it. Here are improvements to the instructions:


  1. Use the form on the left to configure and download balenaOS for your new device.* Write the OS file you downloaded to an SD card. We recommend using Etcher.
  2. Insert the freshly burnt SD card into the Nvidia Jetson TX1.
  3. Warning! This will also completely erase internal storage media, so please make a backup first.
  4. Press and hold for 1 second the POWER push button.
  5. The device is performing a shutdown. Please wait until all LEDs are off.

The red LED next to the fan power connector may stay on.

  1. Remove the resinOS installation media.
  2. Remove and re-connect power to the board.
  3. Your device should appear in your application dashboard within a few minutes. Have fun!

Hello jason10.

I’ve opened a pull request with the suggested changes here .
Thanks for the suggestion.