impossible to find my SSD drive

I have a 60 Go SSD drive, just formated, that I wanted to flash.
But Etcher just does not see it…

Diskpart can see it (disque 3)… But Etcher doens not :frowning:

Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.19041.610

DISKPART> list disk

N° disque Statut Taille Libre Dyn GPT

Disque 0 En ligne 1863 G octets 0 octets
Disque 1 En ligne 119 G octets 0 octets *
Disque 2 En ligne 7452 G octets 0 octets *
Disque 3 En ligne 55 G octets 1024 K octets

Any Idea?

Finally, it has worked under Linux : The drive was a hidden one (But not visible under Windows…)

Glad you got your issue sorted.