Image download eats bandwidth when there are multiple devices on same network


Hi there!

today I trigged an update (pushed a new commit) into a batch of 4 devices that are on the same customer network.

it turns out that devices started on a “download failed loop”.

The customer internet connection is not good, and it fails quite often, the problem is, having the devices downloading at the same time makes the connection very slow and none of the devices finish the download.

Is there any way to make devices on the same network do not download at the same time?

Locking the updates has no effect, since the download starts at the same time.

I think the best way to handle this would be download on one device and then send it over trough local network…

or perhaps implement a feature like locking updates which locks downloads too…

Is there something like this on your roadmap?

Device not sending info to but my app works

Hi @diegosucaria

Currently there is no way to lock a download. I raised an internal ticket requesting this feature.