I updated a small fleet (18 devices) but one is stucked updating, could I stop updating?


The device is d05fc1f9fffc61a4c7ddcc9f8cdf21c6.


Hi @deoqc can you enable support access on that device and we can have a look?

I forced a reboot in terminal and it went offline. =/

Is it possible to stop an update once it starts?

Hi @deoqc ,

It isn’t currently possible to cancel an update once a new release of an application has been created, if the device isn’t pinned to a previous release.

We do occasionally see devices that are stalled updating and ask that any user that sees this contacts us so we can investigate what is occurring. In almost all cases we are able to rectify the issue. We do not recommend rebooting a device in this state as this could be caused by a number of factors (SD card corruption, etc.).

If it occurs again, please let us know and we’ll look into it for you!

Best regards,


Hello! thanks for the reply @hedss

The device is back online (w/o any intervention from us) but it started updating again.

Could you take a look? (access is granted)

Well It seems to be working fine :man_shrugging:
No need to that a look, thanks.

Glad to hear it worked out, thanks! If you have any further issues, please let us know!

Well me again.

The app update happened, but the OS is hanging =/. It’s not working fine after all…

Hi there! Could you elaborate on the issue you 're facing? Thanks!