i want to etcher convert a usb to partition

Hi all,

i use wintobootic, unetbootin, sardu/yumi, to make a 110 gb bootable xubuntu live,
a windows to go workspace (portable windows os), multibootable/multi-os usb disks,

but i have boot errors, because theses usb disks maybe infected,

i tried etcher one day on one or two usb disks in 2016, but
results: because of etcher’s job, my sd/usb disk sadly converted to CD/DVD disk, but not a partition

question: Etcher can create bootables with Fat32/NTFS/ExFAT output format ?: because my interest of bootable usb disks is to add files videos, jpg, docs, … on bootable sd/usb disks

heres the logs for my usb disks below:



Etcher does not “create bootables with Fat32/NTFS/ExFAT output format” or anything else. It copies the disk image you provide it to a block device. Nothing more. It copies all the bytes from the input file without changing them.