Human readable alias for commit ID

Can I tag software releases in any way, so I see some more human friendly names where I now see the commit hash.


Yes, it is possible to tag releases, we released this feature fairly recently.

You can do this by navigating to ‘Releases’, selecting a release (or more than one), and then clicking the ‘Tags’ button on the top-right of your release list. A modal will pop up, and there you can create as many tags as you need for the release(s) you selected.

Hmmm, I did see the tagging option, but these tags are not an 1:1 alias.

I did try to tag a release with e.g. “VERSION: 1.2.3” however this tag does appear anywhere except in the releases listing.

I would like to see this version in the devices listing for example.

Hi @krix,

We have already started an internal discussion about this, we will keep this thread updated.