How to update the java version from openjdk 16 to openjdk 17

Hi, I have a minecraft server that I would like to update to 1.18 but in order to do so I need to update the java version on my system. I am provided a link to download openjdk17 but I’m not sure how to install it on my server. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Hi @Jstojkovic welcome to the forums!

I am assuming you are running on Balena, would this happen to be running the minecraft open fleet?

I believe so.

Let us all know what specifically you are running (what kind of device and containers), we can most certainly help with the upgrading java. It might also be a thing that other people need/want!

@Jstojkovic these links might be helpful to you:

If you could also provide info what kind of device/containers you are running, that would be great!