BalenaOS doesn't change the minecraft version

When I try to change the version of my balena server (with WinSCP) it says that the jar is not working and it download again the paper.jar. It has relation with java? Please somebody help me. I am trying to work in magma-1.12.2

Hello @UnderRTX I think your issue can be solved setting ENABLE_UPDATE to true. Could you please try? Check here for more information.

Hi there, did you manage to solve this problem with the ENABLE_UPDATE suggestion?

Hi there … i may be having the same issue. I am currently showing on 1.16.4 and need to update to 1.17. I am not sure how to enable to update with these instructions … is that somewhere in the ‘device configuration’ settings in balena or somewhere else?

Hi @deadwagon

Go to the Variables section under your application, and you should be able to set the right it there

Thanks! I just added this in … do I need to reboot or anything for the minecraft server to start to update?

You can simply restart the minecraft service

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Looks like after the restart of services I am still getting an error that server is outdated and only at v1.16.4 … any suggestions?


Minecraft v1.17 and up will require Java 16 to run successfully, whereas before 1.17, the required Java version was 11+. See: for release notes regarding snapshot 21w19a, which was a snapshot for Minecraft 1.17.

@AlexProgrammerDE responded in another thread with a solution: Error with .jar file - #23 by AlexProgrammerDE. In summary, if you are part of an open fleet (balenaHub: an easier way to find and publish apps and projects for edge devices), your Minecraft server should have been updated automatically to use Java 16, otherwise you can redeploy following the instructions in Alex’s GitHub repo: GitHub - AlexProgrammerDE/balena-minecraft-server: Build a Minecraft Server using a Raspberry Pi 4! Supports common Servers, SCP, RCON and Wifi Connect.

Let us know if that works for you!


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