How to update openBalena server

we are trying openBalena since the release 0.0.7 and we are looking for update our server to the latest version without loosing the devices already subscribed.
Reading on the forum and the website there is not any documentation on how to do this.
Someone can give us a hint?

Thank you!
Alberto the best way to do this would be as follows; in the directory where you originally cloned the openBalena repo…

  • git pull the latest master branch of openBalena (v1.0.1)
  • ./script/compose pull to pull down the latest service images
  • ./script/compose up -d to recreate the containers using the latest service images
    • your data is held in volumes, so should be fine.

This would be my normal steps to get updated. Of course the usual caveats of making a backup etc, still apply :ok_hand:

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Thank you @richbayliss!