Backing up and migrating OpenBalena


That is helpful, gives me a head start, thanks.

Here is how I would see it then so far:


  1. Backing up the ~/open-balena dir
  2. Backing up the Docker volumes on the server

Server move:

  1. Restore the ~/open-balena dir and docker volumes to new server
  2. './script/compose pull` to pull down the latest service images (based on How to update openBalena server)
  3. Run ‘./script/compose up -d’

Here are a few questions that spring to mind that may crop up as issues.

  1. Are the backed up volumes named volumes, that will link back to the new setup or are they allowed to be named by Docker, which could prevent issues moving servers or restoring from a backup?
  2. Is there anything that happens in the quickstart script that creates entries that aren’t portable? If so, what is the impact of running this again? One thing that springs to mind is the ACME certificate service, and the various .crt, are they portable? As it is a server move or restore, IP addresses will be different of the host.