How to unregister app from device?


I am a newbie to balena , I followed the get started and registered a device. Now trying to find how to unregister or remove an application from the device ? I am not able to find the options with balean-cli ( may be i dont know)

My understanding is removing the app from device will undeploy the app container. Correct me if am wrong.

Any help is much appreciated.



Hi @kameshs,

When you provision a device, it gets provisioned against an application instead of an application being provisioned against a device.

As such, once an application has been pushed to a device, there isn’t a way to unregister the application from the device. You can change the application by pushing updates to

You can also move devices from one application to another, which will cause it to download the new application and become part of its registered devices.

Hope this helps!



Thanks @hedss, is not possible to have mutli applications on a device. ideally I dont like as I like typical micoservices pattern one device .but still worth knowing about it.



@hedss is it possible to deploy multiple apps on device? Also what’s the best way of clean deploy - unregister, create new app, flash again and deploy?



Hi @kameshs

Currently there’s no support for multiple applications on the same device, but you can run a multicontainer set of services on a device, akin to docker-compose (and in fact applications are developed using docker-compose manifests). See here for more details on this. Most users find this is more than enough to carry out what they need.

There’s no need to create a new application every time you want to redeploy to a device, in fact the entire balena methodology is that you simply push updates to an application and the device will retrieve these updates and start running them. Any code can be pushed to an application, so even if you completely rewrite your code, pushing to the application will create a new release that is downloaded by the device.

Hope this helps!